Eminem And Rihanna's 'Monster' Decoded: What's He Mean? mtv rob markman.

Eminem isn't one for holding back. Throughout
his career, Slim Shady has used a rhyme book as
a canvas to draw out his deep-rooted feelings,
inner demons and wildest fantasies. On his
upcoming November 5 album, The Marshall
Mathers LP 2, Em shows no signs of switching
things up.On Monday night, Em linked with
Rihanna to drop their new duet "The Monster,"
and along with it's catchy chorus and acoustic
pop bounce, the Detroit MC dropped some pretty
heavy lyrics that may take fans a few listens to
digest.MTV News spun it a few times and here is
a breakdown of our favorite lines. Beware Of The
Fame Monster
Back in his battle-rap days, it seemed that all
Eminem wanted to do was be the best MC that he
could. Somewhere along the way he hooked up
with Dr. Dre and became the top-selling artist in
the last decade. All of the hoopla has always
made Slim uncomfortable, and on this new track,
he's once again at odds."I wanted the fame but
not the cover of Newsweek/ Oh well, guess
beggers can't be choosy/ wanted to receive
attention for my music/ wanted to be left alone in
public, excuse me," Em raps.Who The Heck Is
Kool Keith?
Eminem's Kool Keith reference may have gone
over the heads of many, but it's just Marshall's
way of paying homage to those that came before
him. The Bronx, New York-born Keith Thornton
was a founding member of the influential 1980s
rap group Ultramagnetic MC's, and with his solo
career, he emerged as one of rap's most creative
and strange characters.Albums like 1996's Dr.
Octagonecologyst surely influenced an up-and-
coming Eminem. "Going as cuckoo and kooky as
Kool Keith/ But I'm actually weirder than you
think," he spits nodding to the underground
legend. Em Loves An Underdog And Football
And Tupac
When Em spit "It's payback, Russell Wilson falling
way back," he accomplished so much.On the
surface, the line is a toss to the NFL quaterback
who slipped to the lowly third round of the NFL
draft in 2012 because NFL scouts thought he was
too short. Last year, the Seattle Seahawks star led
his team to the playoffs and won the league's
Rookie of the Year Award.Ultimately the star
lyricist calls out Wilson's critics and those who
never thought Em would make it because of his
skin color — and he used a Tupac rhyme pattern
to boot. When In Doubt, Quote Yourself
So who was Eminem talking about when he spit,
"Now, I ain't much of a poet, but I know
somebody once told me to seize the moment
and don't squander it"? Well he was talking about
himself, of course, referencing his 2002 #1 single
"Lose Yourself." Someone Call A&E
The TV network A&E's "Intervention" was one of
our favorite shows before it ended in July
(especially this episode), and clearly Em was a fan
as well, calling out to the show's motivational
speaker. "I think you've been wandering off down
yonder/ And stumbled onto Jeff VanVonderen/
'Cause I need an interventionist to intervene
between me and this monster," he rhymes.